Dental Product Imposters


Proper regulation of materials and products is required in almost every health & wellness field. It is essential for dental tools and materials, such as crowns, bridges and implants to be strictly regulated, as they come are permanently placed inside the body. From the manufacturing facilities to the packaging and transport process, you want to know that what’s being utilized in your dental procedures is coming from a reputable source.

With many materials being manufactured abroad, there is rising concern in the dental community that some products are not made as well as those produced domestically. It’s estimated that up to 40% of crowns, implants, bridges and other products are being imported from overseas.

Our own Dr. David Samuels, Chairman of the Board of Registration for Dentistry in Massachusetts, believes that more regulation should be implemented to regulate the importation and use of dental products.

“There are certainly concerns that the metals could have lead in them. That is not a substance you want in your body, or other, even carcinogenic materials,” says Dr. Samuels.

Dr. Samuels sees a clear need for the Board of Registration to develop standards for production and importation of dental products. “I think the labs would benefit. I think the dentists would benefit. But most importantly, I think the consumer, the public, would benefit as patients.”

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality and materials and products in our dental procedures. Always feel free to ask your dentist if you’d like more information on where products were made.