Everything You Should Know About Dental Lumineers: The Best Alternative to Dental Veneers

Everything You Should Know About Dental Lumineers: The Best Alternative to Dental Veneers

Jan 01, 2021

Cavities, decay, and discoloration can seriously diminish one’s confidence. If you’re tired of continually trying to hide your smile because of these dental issues, then it’s time to consider an alternative to dental veneers­. Consider Lumineers at Wellesley Dental Arts.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are considered “laminates” for your teeth. They are placed on and around each tooth that has been damaged by the acids in foods and drinks, poor oral hygiene, medication, or diseases that cause teeth and gums to weaken.
Regardless of the reasons why your teeth are no longer as beautiful as they once were, Lumineers are an excellent option in cosmetic dentistry in Wellesley, MA.

3 Steps For Lumineers Process:-

Step 1

Your dentist will discuss what Lumineers are, along with their benefits and the oral hygiene measures you are to follow through with to maximize their durability. This will also be discussed again after your procedure.
X-ray images will be taken to give our dental practitioners an accurate impression of your teeth and jawline so that Lumineers can be made to resemble your natural teeth.

Step 2

Your teeth will be prepped for the actual procedure. The target tooth or teeth might undergo minimal enamel-shaving, if necessary. Once filed, the next step is for the impression itself to be created. This is what your dentist will forward to the lab that will craft your Lumineers.

Step 3

A follow-up visit is required to determine that the dental Lumineers are of the right size and shape. Once we ensure that everything is as it should be, they are bonded and secured onto your teeth.

5 Benefits of Lumineers

1. Translucent
One feature that makes Lumineers unique is that they are translucent. Unlike regular tooth caps, which have a resin that is opaque, Lumineers are similar to a white, tooth-colored film that is semi-transparent.

The genius behind such a design is that they are able to complement the natural hue and appearance of your teeth. They literally are like natural sheets that, once set on top of your teeth, will appear as though you have a complete set of beautiful natural teeth. In reality, they are translucent veneers.

2. Ultra-Thin
As an incredible substitute for dental veneers in Wellesley, Lumineers are preferred because of their structure. They are ultra-thin! These slim tooth restorations will not feel as though they are “caps” over your teeth.
Lumineers are a little different than ordinary crowns in that they are sheets that your dentist in Wellesley applies to each tooth. It is not a cap per se. However, their ultra-thin build is what permits them to be just as natural-looking as dental crowns.

With Lumineers in Wellesley, MA, tooth reduction may no longer be a requisite (though this is highly dependent on the teeth damage to be addressed). That’s less drilling and buffing to be done on your teeth. If you, like many, get a little nervous with such dental tools, you are going to appreciate the Lumineers operation immensely.

3. Durability
Some other devices that are commonly used in these circumstances require constant changing and replacing, because they are susceptible to wear and tear. These are the exact opposite of Lumineers. When maintained in accordance with the instructions that our cosmetic dentist near you will provide, your Lumineers will be sturdy and reliable for years to come.

4. Quick-Fix for Crooked Teeth
Strictly speaking about fixing crooked teeth, Lumineers are definitely a good option. Orthodontic devices, such as braces, also work as teeth-straighteners, and they can correct overbites and underbites as well.

Although Lumineers do not correct overbites or underbites, they can straighten crooked teeth. In fact, they are often utilized by our Lumineers dentist near you to align or reshape crooked teeth.

5. Easy Wearing
Perhaps you have been avoiding braces and similar teeth-straightening devices because you are not one who has the time to put into teeth maintenance. If this is so, then Lumineers are the safest bet.

Our team can assure you that these teeth-films are nothing like metal braces and retainers. After the procedure, you will not even feel them on your teeth. Best of all, you will not experience any scratching behind your lips or food particles getting stuck in between wires.

For more information about Lumineers, or to schedule a consultation at our dental office in Wellesley, MA, contact Wellesley Dental Arts today.

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