5 Tips to Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath and chronic halitosis can be embarrassing – even interfering with your work, social and love life. Knowing what to do to cure your bad breath symptoms is important, because covering it up with mints or rinses might actually be doing more harm. Eliminate Gum Disease

Periodontal disease can cause severe malodor. You can know if you have gum disease or not by checking for other symptoms like: bleeding gums, swelling, gum recession, and heavy tartar buildup.

Young man brushing tongue to cure bad breath

Clean Your Tongue

Up to 90% of bad-breath bacteria are located on the tongue. Use a soft plastic tongue cleaner to wipe them away once or twice each day. Tongue scrapers are more effective than a toothbrush.

Avoid Certain Foods

Foods like garlic, eggs and dairy products can create long-lasting odors not only in your mouth, but also throughout your entire body. If these foods are a problem for you (they aren’t for everyone,) then consider giving them up.

Toss the Breath Mints

Popular strong breath mints can make your mouth feel fresh or mask odor for a short time. However, they also contain sugar. Instead of fixing the problem, the sugar makes it worse – giving oral bacteria something to feed and multiply on, creating even more odors than you started with.

Young woman checking for bad breath

Choose the Right Mouth Wash

A lot of mouth rinses contain alcohol. While this does eliminate bacteria, it can also destroy the good bacteria inside of your mouth. After the alcohol creates a dry environment, odor-causing bacteria can take over.

If you’ve found that you have a problem with bad breath, it can be embarrassing to talk to your dentist about it. At Wellesley Dental Arts, we understand. It can be embarrassing for us to bring it up as well – but we can help! Our team of professionals can get to the root of the matter to determine what is causing your bad breath, making it easier and quicker for you to fix. Call Wellesley Dental Arts today!