Low Radiation Dental X-Rays in Wellesley, MA

Dental x-rays are an integral aspect of dental care. X-rays allow dentists to gather useful insights that may not be visible to the naked eye. Some years back, dentists relied on conventional x-rays that were processed on film. Fast forward to today and digital x-rays, or low radiation dental x-rays, are taking over as the preferred form of imaging.

Low radiation dental x-rays offer numerous benefits to dentists and patients alike. As a dental practice, we’re proud to offer low radiation dental x-rays as a way of enhancing efficiency and increasing the comfort of our patients.

During your appointment, we’ll use a digital sensor to look into your oral cavity. Images of your teeth and other tissues are projected on a computer monitor, which allows you to follow along and have an unobstructed view of your dental health.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

The advantages of digital x-rays include:

  • Digital x-rays expose our patients to significantly less radiation compared to conventional x-rays.
  • Digital images don’t require processing and are displayed instantly on the screen. Consequently, treatment times are shorter, unlike in the case of traditional x-rays, where there’s a waiting time as the images are getting developed on film.
  • Sharing and archiving of digital x-rays is seamless and paperless.
  • Digital x-rays offer greater resolution and higher quality images. Where necessary, our dentist can zoom in and out of your images to accurately detect issues.
  • Since they don’t require chemicals and film, digital x-rays are also environmentally friendly.

When Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

You will not need to have your dental x-rays taken at every dental visit. However, our dentist may determine that there’s a need for dental x-rays if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • When you require a complete oral examination
  • When you’re coming in for your initial dental visit
  • Before orthodontic treatments
  • Before full mouth reconstruction procedures
  • If you require extraction for an impacted tooth
  • If you require root canal therapy
  • Before getting dental implants, dentures, etc.

As a dental practice, we know that exposure to radiation and lengthy treatment times are valid concerns shared by many dental patients. As such, we have invested in digital radiography to alleviate these challenges and more.

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