Lumineers: Wellesley, MA’s Top Choice for Smile Enhancement

As modern dentistry continues to grow by offering an increasing number of cosmetic enhancements for smile improvement, there’s one option that stands above all else: Dental Lumineers.

What You Need to Know About Dental Lumineers

The name Lumineers sounds very similar to another form of cosmetic dentistry known as veneers. Because of that, some patients become confused by the two different names and wonder if they are one and the same. The simple answer is that “no,” they are not. Keep reading to learn more about why Lumineers are the top choice for any smile makeover.

Think You Need Braces? Think Lumineers Instead!

In many instances, Lumineers can be used in place of traditionally awkward braces to create a smile that’s comprised of straight teeth. The caring and professional staff at Wellesley Dental Arts can evaluate whether Lumineers will work in your unique situation.

Two Reasons to Consider Dental Lumineers in Wellesley, MA.

Wellesley Dental Arts often recommends the use of Lumineers for the following reasons:

  • Lumineers are thinner than traditional dental veneers, making them very natural in their appearance.
  • There is less prep work that needs to be done to your teeth.

Lumineers Provide a Pain Free Solution to Gain a Winning Smile

As mentioned, there’s less prep work needed to your natural teeth to prepare them for Lumineers than other cosmetic options. Because of this reason alone, Lumineers are a great choice for patients who may be sensitive to pain or experience anxiety when visiting their dentist.

It’s Important that Your Oral Health Be in Good Standing

Whether you choose traditional veneers or the enhancement of Dental Lumineers, one thing remains the same: it’s critical that your teeth be free of decay before either is applied. As such, most dentists recommend that you have a dental exam and complete all restorative work prior to the placement of Lumineers. Wellesley Dental Arts has appointments available in convenient locations to accommodate even the busiest of schedules in Wellesley, MA. Why not book your appointment now to get started?

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