Cosmetic Dentistry in Wellesley, MA

With our team of trained dentists and compassionate staff, Wellesley Dental Arts is pleased to offer premium quality dental care. We appreciate that a bright smile is the first step towards confidence and energy.

Top-Tier Cosmetic Dentistry Can Makeover Your Smile

Our experienced dental team specializes in restoring, whitening and replacing chipped, cracked, worn, stained and misshapen teeth. Every person would love to have perfect teeth, but teeth often get damaged, discolored, or lost for various reasons. Some common causes of damaged or lost teeth include aging, lifestyle choices, medications, trauma, accidents, and cavities.

If you’re interested in getting a beautiful smile, contact our trained cosmetic dentist near you. We offer a range of suitable options, including veneers, implants, teeth whitening, crowns and dental bonding, to name a few.

Once we evaluate your needs, we can determine the best solution that may require a few appointments at most.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Our dentist in Wellesley offers a beneficial range of modern dental solutions:

Teeth Whitening: Wellesley Dental Arts offers teeth whitening designed to give you the smile of your dreams. We advise patients to refrain from smoking, drinking, or eating stain-producing foods for a couple of days after treatment.

Teeth whitening can be completed in two to three visits, depending on the status of your teeth.

Cosmetic Crowns: Crowns can be used to cover stained, chipped, and cracked teeth. They also protect teeth after root canal treatments. We can fabricate aesthetic crowns that perfectly match your natural color teeth and evaluate it carefully for fit and size. Once we fit a dental crown, you can smile and speak confidently and enjoy a more natural appearance.

Lumineers®️ and Veneers: If you’re looking to mask imperfections, veneers and Lumineers®️ may be ideal for you. They require minimal to zero removal of tooth structure and can improve your smile while protecting the damaged tooth at the same time.

Cosmetic dentistry near you in Wellesley, MA can give you beautiful teeth and make you feel more confident about yourself.

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