Simple Extractions in Wellesley, MA

Preserving your natural teeth for a lifetime is always the ideal situation. Unfortunately, there are instances when you might need to get your teeth removed. The process of pulling a tooth from its socket is referred to as a tooth extraction.

Wellesley Dental Arts is a well-established, two-location dental office that provides extraction in Wellesley Hills, MA. We serve dental patients of all ages and have put in place numerous measures to ensure your comfort during your extraction procedure.

When Do You Need A Dental Extraction?

While we encourage our patients to keep their natural teeth for as long as humanly possible, there are times when a dental extraction is inevitable. Our dentist in Wellesley, MA may suggest getting your tooth removed if any of the below situations apply to you:

  • Your tooth is badly decayed or damaged and cannot be saved through root canal treatment.
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth that is causing severe pain.
  • A temporary tooth is in the way of an erupting permanent tooth.
  • Your teeth are crowded, and you need to start orthodontic treatment.
  • You’re about to undergo a major treatment such as chemotherapy or organ transplant, and you have a tooth that is at a high risk of becoming infected.
  • When periodontal disease has caused your teeth to become loose, our dentist may recommend extraction.

We explore all treatment options before recommending tooth removal. We will only remove your tooth if it’s the only and best option available to you.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Extractions

We offer two types of extractions near you—surgical and non-surgical extractions. Non-surgical extractions are the most common and are performed on teeth that have already erupted. During the procedure, our dentist numbs the areas surrounding the tooth using local anesthesia. We also provide sedation for patients who struggle with dental anxiety. Next, the dentist uses a dental elevator to loosen the tooth from its socket and then grabs the tooth and pulls it out using dental forceps.

Surgical extractions are necessary when a tooth is below the gum line. To access the tooth, our dentist near you makes an incision in your gum tissue. Afterward, the tooth is loosened and pulled from its socket. Surgical extractions may take longer than non-surgical extractions because of the additional steps and care required.

Once the tooth is out of its socket, our dentist will place gauze in the socket to control bleeding. We will also provide you with after-care instructions. Make sure to follow these guidelines so you can heal correctly and resume your everyday activities.

If you’re looking for a leading dental office that offers extraction near you, contact one of our Wellesley Dental Arts offices today to book a comprehensive consultation with our dentist.

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