Mouth Guards in Wellesley, MA

Would you like help in keeping your smile safe? Here at Wellesley Dental Arts, we offer custom mouth guards that fit comfortably over your teeth. Whether you’re involved in sports or struggle with bruxism (tooth grinding), our mouth guards provide the optimal protection that you need. Athletes involved in contact sports such as football, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, and even hockey should never engage in these types of sports without mouth guards. A mouth guard can mean the difference between losing your teeth and keeping a healthy smile well after the game is over.

Types of Mouth Guards

If you’re looking for mouth guards in Wellesley, MA, you’ve likely found out that there are different types that you can get from various outlets. You may be feeling curious as to why you need to get a mouth guard from your local dentist when you can purchase one from your local sporting goods store. Here’s some crucial information you need to know about the types of mouth guards available in the market:

Stock mouth guards

Stock mouth guards are readily available at your local pharmacy or sporting goods store. They’re inexpensive and are pre-made and ready to wear. The apparent downside of stock mouth guards is that they’re not custom made for you. As such, you’ll find that many stock mouth guards fit poorly, and are often extremely uncomfortable. It’s not unusual for a stock mouth guard to make breathing and talking difficult.

Boil and bite mouth guards

Boil and bite mouth guards, as the name suggests, have some room for customization in the form of boiling. They’re made from a thermoplastic material which becomes flexible when immersed in hot water. You’ll need to boil your mouth guard and then shape it over your mouth to ensure a good fit. Boil and bite mouth guards fit better than stock mouth guards, but they’re still no match for the custom mouth guards that our dentist in Wellesley, MA will make for you.

Custom Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards are made with the individual specifications of a patient. During your appointment at Wellesley Dental Arts, our dentist will take your dental impressions. These impressions will form the design and manufacture of a well-fitted and comfortable mouth guard.

Mouth Guards for Grinding and Sleep Apnea

If you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping, a mouth guard will help to protect your teeth against wear and tear, as well as spare you the potential agony of a temporomandibular disorder. Our dentist in Wellesley, MA can make you a custom mouth guard to help you manage bruxism. Our custom mouth guards allow you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. You will not experience any discomfort or difficulties when breathing.

If you have sleep apnea—a sleep disorder that’s often characterized by heavy snoring and interruptions in breathing—our dentist can make a mouth guard that will help to keep your airways open as you sleep.

Do you live in Wellesley, MA and need mouth guards near you? Come to one of our Wellesley Dental Arts offices to get a custom-fitted mouth guard that will serve you for the long-term.

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