Anesthesia and Sedation at Wellesley Dental Arts

The professionals at Wellesley Dental Arts understand that dentistry can be a very intimidating experience for some people. It's absolutely essential that you receive the quality dental care you need with as little anxiety as possible. For that reason, our team makes a special effort to put your mind at ease at every visit! Sedation Dentistry in Wellesley, MA

Experience with Anxiety Management Techniques

The dentists at Wellesley Dental Arts take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns. When you visit us, you'll see for yourself how our techniques for explaining procedures and answering questions can allay most of your concerns. A strong emphasis is placed on encouraging a relaxed atmosphere in this office. Replace those bad memories of negative dental experiences with good ones here at Wellesley Dental Arts!

Local Anesthesia

To make your dental procedures comfortable, the dentists at Wellesley Dental Arts always offer the localized administration of a numbing agent. This will make it so that you will hardly be able to tell that your teeth are being worked on! The dose and type of numbing agent vary according to your need, and you will be calmly talked through this process, as well.

Comfortable Patient at the Dentist in Wellesley, MA

Sedation Dentistry Eases Your Experience

For some patients, all the numbing and gentle talking in the world isn't enough for them to relax in the dental chair. If this sounds like you, then don't worry - Wellesley Dental Arts has the option of prescribing you an oral medication to take before your appointment. The medication has a relaxing, sedative effect, making you feel like you are sleeping, but improving your impression of visiting the dentist. In fact, you'll likely remember very little of the procedure once it's over!

Contact the caring and qualified team at Wellesley Dental Arts to learn more about your anesthesia and sedation options.