Flossing is Extremely Important: Here is Why

We all know that our Wellesley Dental Arts hygienist and dentist want us to floss each day. But what’s the big deal? Flossing is something most people dislike or find difficult to do. It’s time to change that mentality. Here are a few reasons why you can’t afford to skip on flossing ever again: Young girl smiling with pink hat - Wellesley, MA

Not Flossing Could Make You Lose Your Teeth

Your gums and bone are what hold your teeth into place. If bacteria build up under the gum tissues, those tissues start to detach from your teeth. Gradually this detachment spreads all the way down the root of the tooth, just like a run in a pair of stockings. Coincidentally, the bone support around the tooth is lost as well. The tooth gets loose and then falls out.

To make it even worse, you’ve just lost the bone support near the next tooth. A chain reaction starts and spreads tooth to tooth throughout your mouth.

Flossing Saves You Money

Would you like to have fewer trips to the dentist, less dental treatment over time, and the cleanest teeth possible? Then spending a few dollars on floss is one of the smartest investments that you can make.

Thoroughly cleaning between your teeth each day will prevent cavities in those areas - something that brushing can’t do.

Tooth Brushing Supplies - Floss, Toothpaste

It’s Just as Important as Brushing

Could you imagine going an entire week without brushing your teeth? Of course not! Then why would you want the very same germs and bacteria sitting between your teeth and below your gums between flossing sessions? Flossing your teeth once a day is the only way to remove plaque biofilm from these areas.

If you haven’t flossed like you should, then you probably have tartar buildup or gingivitis. Schedule a cleaning and exam at Wellesley Dental Arts to get your smile back in shape!