Hike for Your Health in Wellesley

Two cute kids hiking in Wellesley, MAAutumn is nearly upon us. As August gives way to September, the school year begins and the lazy days of summer prepare to come to an end. Enjoy the last vestiges of summer and boost your immune system by exercising in the fresh air and sunshine. We've compiled a breakdown of our favorite Wellesley hiking spots to hit as you say farewell to Summer 2015.

  • Boulder Brook Reservation Trail
  • Wellesley Grand Tour

Person hiking in The Boulder Brook Reservation Trail in Wellesley, MA

The Boulder Brook Reservation Trail lets you experience a variety of interesting diversions and spectacular views over a relatively short distance. Tranquil woods, a large meadow, rocky ledges and a footbridge make for a hike that's anything but boring. You get the best of both worlds: a dose of vitamin D and respite from the August sun! Enjoy these sometimes challenging trails, but be mindful of steep drop-offs. Start your 1.6-mile journey at the Kelly Memorial Park parking lot at Elmwood Road. You'll pass the playing field by Bates School, follow the Weston town line and loop back to the parking lot.

The Wellesley Grand Tour lets you make the most of Summer 2015. If you're ready for a serious hike and a fascinating glimpse of nature in our community, this series of trails is custom-made for you. The comprehensive tour offers a mix of easy and harder trails, including the Crosstown Trail and the Brook, Charles River, Sudbury and Guernsey Paths. Just over two miles of the trails consist of roads; the rest of the 10.3-mile loop takes you through woods and alongside aqueducts. Like the Boulder Brook Reservation Trail with its purple arrows, each of the trails on the Wellesley Grand Tour is color-coded. The Brook Path, located at the high school, marks the tour's starting and end points. Make your August hikes easier with this handy map.

A healthy lifestyle benefits you not only today, but in the future as well. Be sure to keep active and maintain good dental habits. If you are due for your dental checkup, call us today to schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.