How to care for a CEREC Restoration

Do you now have a new CEREC restoration brightening your smile? Congratulations! You can expect that restoration to see you through many years with peace of mind. After having your crown or bridge designed with the CEREC machine at Wellesley Dental, you definitely want to keep it beautiful and functional.

How do you care for it so that it lasts as long as possible?

CEREC Restoration Diagram in Wellesley, MA

How Your CEREC Restoration is Made

A CEREC crown or bridge is crafted from only the finest piece of pure, solid ceramic. It is milled out of a machine that uses digital scans and computer-assisted designs for a precise fit. It is colored to closely match your surrounding teeth. The result is a lovely and lasting restoration that allows you to smile with confidence.

Dental Crown Drawn Diagram in Wellesley, MADoes Your CEREC Restoration Need Special Care?

Your new crown or bridge should be treated just like your other teeth. It is strong enough to be used as your other teeth are naturally used. What does this mean?

  • Brush and floss daily to remove plaque, just as you do around other teeth
  • Eat as you normally would
  • Avoid chewing very hard crunchy foods like ice (this is bad for natural teeth, too)

Your restoration will not bleach like your other teeth can. If you whiten your teeth after a crown is placed, then it will look darker than your other teeth. We recommend whitening your teeth before you are color-matched for a crown.

Do you grind and clench your teeth at night?

The unusually strong biting forces can make your restoration wear prematurely or even fracture completely. You should consider investing in a mouth guard to wear at night to protect your restoration.

Visit us at Wellesley Dental on a regular basis to make sure your new restoration is serving you well!