Can You Get Dentures If You Have Receding Gums?

Can You Get Dentures If You Have Receding Gums?

May 01, 2022

Receding gums is a condition where the gums pull away from your teeth. It can cause several issues such as gum disease, age, partial dentures, poor oral hygiene, genetics, or hormones. Unfortunately, there isn’t any option available to grow back your tissues naturally.

There are several solutions for receding gums. They are dependent on the causes of receding gums. Therefore, one solution may be ideal for one patient with receding gums and unsuitable for another patient. It would be best to discuss with your dentist before settling on one procedure.

One of the standard solutions to receding gums is dentures. You can get dentures if you have receding gums. However, it’s only for patients whose receding partial dentures have not caused gums. For instance, dentures are ideal for elderly patients. If you need dentures, visit a dentist near you that provides dentures in Wellesley, MA. Book an appointment today and get a solution to your receding gums.

Dentures of Receding Gums

Dentures are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. You can receive a partial denture if you require few teeth or a complete denture when you need many teeth, such as a whole arch.

Dentures might be ideal for you when you lose teeth due to old age, accidents, or gum disease. They are removable and improve the function of teeth and their visual appeal.

Many sources report that partial dentures cause some cases of receding gums. Even though there is some truth, the information is mainly biased and false. Partial dentures do not cause receding gums. Instead, they result from partial dentures that do not fit properly.

The dentist you visit should ensure that your dentures are fitting perfectly. If they are loose, they should adjust them to minimize irritation on the gum, which leads to gum recession if not controlled. Therefore, you should visit a qualified dentist in Wellesley, MA, to have your dentures fitted.

The dentist must appropriately fabricate their base to have perfectly fitting dentures. The base acts as the root of the denture and should thus fit perfectly in place. It clasps using hooks on the surrounding teeth for stability and firm grip, avoiding movements.

Complete dentures are preferable over partial counterparts since they do not require clasps. The metallic clips cause irritation and inflammation on the gums, leading to gum recession. If you must have partial dentures, ensure you clean them properly and regularly visit the dentist to ensure they are not causing any trouble on the gums.

Dentures are beneficial since they take less time to fix and the procedure involved is simple without much pain. Furthermore, dentures are affordable since they do not require complex processes.

Alternative to Dentures on Receding Gums

If you are already suffering from receding gums, receiving a gum graft is ideal. A gum graft is where the receding gums result from gum disease. Gum graft involves transferring small portions of healthy gum tissues to the region where receding occurs.

Although it sounds painful and complicated, the procedure is simple and guarantees minimal to no discomfort afterward. Also, the gums heal quickly to allow patients to get back to their normal activities.

Tips to Stay Safe with Dentures

To ensure you do not experience problems once you receive dentures, you should clean them regularly, as the dentist advises. Cleaning them helps wade off bacteria that cause gum disease and, after that, receding gums.

Your gums constantly change since no natural teeth remain. There is no root to rouse growth, causing the jawbone to lose density and reduce, making the dentures loose. If you sense any loosening of the dentures, visit Wellesley Dental Arts to have them refitted.

By following these basic safety measures, you will stay with your dentures for a long time without any adverse side effects such as receding gums. The dentist may change your dentures after refitting them severally.


Dentures transform patients’ lives within hours because they instantly improve the visual appeal and the function of teeth. You can smile confidently again, courtesy of dentures. However, you should clean them regularly and visit the dentist frequently to ensure they don’t cause gum recession.

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