What Are Dental Emergencies and How to Handle them?

Oct 02, 2020

Dental emergencies happen when you least expect it. You may have gone out for lunch or to run errands only…

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5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Will Rejuvenate Your Smile

Oct 01, 2020

Your smile is the most striking and memorable facial feature you have. It's no surprise that when you walk into…

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3 Tips To Improve Your Brushing and Flossing

Aug 06, 2020

Although brushing and flossing are daily activities, you must do it right to get the maximum benefit from it. Our…

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Do You Really Need Dentures?

Jul 09, 2019

Thirty years ago, it was a common dental practice for dentists to replace missing teeth with full or partial dentures.…

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What Is Biofilm and How Does It Affect Your Teeth?

May 07, 2018

Perhaps you have heard the term "biofilm" at one of your dental visits. You should know that a dental biofilm…

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